FreePour Systems

FreePour Controls inc. is a leading developer of inventory control systems for the hospitality industry. The company has been in business since 1987, offering a complete line of bar inventory management products. The solutions we offer help manage inventory and deliver profits to our clients.

Freepour Controls has a solution, for draught beer and liquor products, to suit the diverse needs of the hospitality industry in beverage cost management. Each solution has the same fundamental benefits fast, easy, accurate, invisible to customers, and can be interfaced with your POS system.

The FreePour solutions provide powerful and timely reports that make your bartenders accountable, thereby creating a deterrent to waste, spillage, over pouring, and theft. The result is increased bar profits that inevitably cover the cost of the systems.


  • POS systems for Bar/Restaurant, Retail, Grocery, any of your business needs
  • Digital Closed Circuit camera systems to protect your business from theft and damage
  • Inventory, Asset Management, Check In/Out control systems
  • Time Clocks, will save you time and money doing payroll for you
  • Digital Scales allow your products to be seamlessly integrated into your grocery POS
  • Liquor control systems to maximize your bottom line