Sprint Liquor

Bottle Guardian

Bottle Guardian is designed to control liquor from the original bottles in two distinct ways. Our Brand ID units uses RFID in the specific spouts so you know exact details for exact brands. Our value laden 7 Group system allows you to sort inventory into 7 groups.

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Draft Beer Monitoring

Draft beer sales are a gold mine of lost profits. Long thought to be a cheap product and any money spent on systems or maintenance was an expense to avoid at all costs.

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Liquor Guns

Sprint's Liquor Gun Dispensing is the fastest, most accurate way to speed production and control your bar sales. An ideal product for high production bars as a perfect shot pours in under a second each, with absolute accountability.

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  • POS systems for Bar/Restaurant, Retail, Grocery, any of your business needs
  • Digital Closed Circuit camera systems to protect your business from theft and damage
  • Inventory, Asset Management, Check In/Out control systems
  • Time Clocks, will save you time and money doing payroll for you
  • Digital Scales allow your products to be seamlessly integrated into your grocery POS
  • Liquor control systems to maximize your bottom line